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Help protect steep production quantities of gas or liquid. The unit can have a liquid level controller and control valve liquid outlet and a locking connection .
The Slug Catchers develop a vital part on natural gas piping;  these systems often have significant quantities of liquids that can damage the equipment related.  A Slug Catcher is designed to allow the expansión of gas stream, reducing the speed and providing an área of liquids’ forming.

The Slug Catchers are available in three configurations: in one horizontal barrel, finger type or double barrel. Each one has characteristics designed for specific applications.

The Slug Catchers double barrel type are designed for applications where there are high levels of gas and liquid flow. Also, they provide an alternative to design of one big shock absorber vessel.
The Slug Catcher of individual barrel horizontal, are designed for the separation of small particles (10 micron) in applications where there is more liquid and less gas flow. These are more adequate as 3 phase separators, and provide a good separation.

The Slug Catchers Finger type, provide an economical way of capture big quantities of liquid and gas. Designed for applications of high volume (thousands of barrels), they can give a separation of particles approximate of 50 micron and above. Due their size, these Slug Catchers are manufactured in sections, and are assembled in field.

The Slug Catchers help to protect the unexpected (big) quantities of gas or liquid production. The Slug Catcher can have one liquid level controller and one control valve on liquid’s outlet, as well as a blocking connection.


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