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Las trampas lanzadoras y receptoras de diablos son recipientes a presión utilizados para introducir y remover diablos, esferas y herramientas de inspección dentro de la tubería
The Pig Launchers and Receivers are pressure vessels used to introduce and remove pigs, spheres and inspection tools inside the piping to achieve its cleaning (ducts).  Each pig launcher and receiver and its fabrication components are designed, manufactured and tested according to last issues of ASME Code (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), API (American Petroleum Institute).  The pig launchers and receivers are manufactured according to specifications and requirements of each one of our customers and of each project.  They can be and/or have the following components:

  • Completely Instrumented
  • Mounted on structural Skid, on concrete supports or metallic saddles.
  • Directional (one direction) or Bi-Directional (two directions)
  • Only the barrel
  • Pig pass indicated last generation
  • Ball Valves, Gate valves, sphere valves, safety valves, and actuators
  • Fittings as Radial Flow Tee, Concentric /eccentric Reductions, elbows, main pipeline, closures, pressure gages, transmitters, termometers, oil pan collector tray, lifting lug system, etc.

Pig Launchers and Receivers Offshore and Onshore for standard pigs or last generation. Mounted on structural Skid or on Concrete Supports.

System and equipment for managing pigs

  • Memory of calculus
  • ASME Stamp “U”  when required on Barrel
  • Calculus of Loads
  • Calculus of Moments sum
  • Calculus of Gravity center
  • Calculus of Finite elements
  • Dimensional Drawings of Skid
  • Dimensional Drawings of Pig Launcher or Pig Receiver
  • Drawings of Equipment’s Outlets
  • ASME Stamp on Closure

Fittings as:

  • Monoblock Insulation Joints
  • Cosasco Nipple
  • Instrumentation
  • Pig Pass Detectors
  • Valves with several coatings:  Carbide Tungstene, Stellite, nickel electroless, etc. Valves with actuators in line, shock absorbers, cut valves and control panels.
  • Safety and Relief Valves


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