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Manufactured to the highest standards that ensure the same mechanical requirements
The Radiatym insulating joints is a true monolithic isolating joint  which effectively and efficiently stops short circuits and stray currents from damaging pipelines and equipment.  It is employed one or more, preassembled pressure seals and isolating ring. Unlike isolating gasket kits, these joints do not depend on an installer fitting gasket, sleeves and washers into a flange on location.  Any one of these parts could be damaged causing a complete breakdown of the isolated flange, thus loosing cathodic isolation.

The Radiatym Monoblock Insulating Jointsare manufactured with the highest standards, which guarantee the mechanical requirements (torque, traction, curvature, etc.), that comply with specific needs of one plant. All technical details shall be provided.

  • Hydraulic Specific Pressures are mantained
  • Insulation requirements comply and exceed regarding electric characteristics of the product transported on pipeline.
  • The Monoblock Insulating Joints are designed according to ASME Code Secc. VIII, División I
  • All tests are made on Factory. Hydrostatic and Electrical Tests are standard. Ultrasonic tests, Ray-X and penetrant liquids can be done if required. Voltage Tests 3,000 V-50 Hz. Electric Resistance –from 5Mohm to 100 Mohms. Pressure Test: 1.5 tmes the working pressure. Working Temperature above 160°F. The customer may require special value tests.
  • All coatings are applied in factory. The standard joints have internal and external coating with epoxy covering
  • Different standards as well as customer’s requirements.

The Insulating Monoblock Joints are from  ½” up to 160” diameter, ANSI of 150# up to 2500#, Gr. B up to X-70. Patent U.S.A. manufactured with ISO9002.


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